Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knights in Training

The boys and I are in AO yr 2, which is the Middle Ages for history.  Caity is also studying the Middle Ages in Gileskirk.  We've had lots of talk about knights and the boys have been playing "knights and castles" (more aptly named knights and SWORDS!!!) quite a bit. 

Recently in one of our readings an explanation was given of the stages toward Knighthood.  First is the "page", a young man from 7-14 who serves the ladies in the castle.  Second is "squire", a young man from 14-21 who serves the men and learns to yield weapons.  Third, and finally (so far as we know), is the Knight.  A squire who has faithfully fulfilled his duties and proven himself qualified is dubbed a knight.  

OK, I realize you aren't here for a history lesson so I'll proceed with the point.  As you know we have three boys in the 7-14 age range.  God has given us multiple opportunities to put our history learning into practice.  My boys all find it quite the challenge to submit to the females in this house.  They would much rather be in charge all the time.  As you can imagine that doesn't work very well.  It has really helped them to see progression in the stages to knighthood.  They can "see" that they need to be like pages and faithfully say "yes, ma'am" to all the instruction given them by the ladies of the "castle" so that they can eventually be prepared to take their post serving the men as "squire".  

We've talked about it extensively.  I'm hoping I'll have some little pages running (I mean walking) around here soon.


Fiddlin' Girl said...

How Cute!! I can't wait to see the knights is training soon!
I can understand how it must be difficult to live under the athority(sp?) of the women, or rather, ladies of the castle. :)
Love ya!

Poff Clan said...

What a great picture, too, of the "battles" our young knights-in-training must prepare for! Hugs to you all!
The Poff Clan