Friday, November 14, 2008

Studying in the Sun

They may not agree on how to dress in the cold but they both agree on where is the best place to study on a chilly November morning.  


Skeen Family said...

You girls are so cute. One of the benefits of can study on your mom's bed. Actually it's funny because one of my favorite spots to read is on my parents bed. :)
Love you all!

Rebecca said...

That is a great picture. It shows how close you are to your siblings because of homeschooling. We are so blessed by our parents commitment.

Fiddlin' Girl said...

Cute picture! I love curling up on my bed with the sunlight streaming through the windows.
It sort of makes school much more fun when you can do it in the room instead of at the table or school room. (ok, I may be the only one who thinks that....:))
Love ya!

Queen Mom said...

Oh, this looks so cozy! You girls are two peas in a pod! Love you!
Queen Mom