Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Recitation Tea

Thanks to my dear friend Queen Mom and my dear daughter Caity, I went ahead and tried using Ambleside Online for school with the boys.  I am loving it.  Along with that, I've been reading the blog of Linda Fay.  One idea that she had that I wanted to try was a day of recitations.  My application was that we would have a tea format (the kids love tea as much as their momma does) and all my scholars would share the scripture they were memorizing, the poem they had learned, sharing one of their Aesop narrations (the boys at least), and sharing from the books they have been reading.  Since this was our first recitation day, we dressed it up a bit more than we might have otherwise.  We decorated the table, used tea cups and pot, made small sandwiches, cups of roasted red pepper tomato soup, berries with whipped cream, and some of Caity's "famous" toffee chocolate chip scones.  We all had a great time and the boys really enjoyed the opportunity to show us what they had learned.  Here are a few pictures from our recitation time.  We hope to do it frequently and add a few other aspects as well.  I'll try to remember to post later in the year and report on how this is working for us.


Queen Mom said...

I love it! I love it! I'm putting it on my list of things to slowly start adding to our lessons. Great job boys! I think my favorite part, after listening to your wonderful recitations, would have been the scones. :)
Queen Mom

Prairie Momma said...

How much fun!! It looks like you all had fun (what big grins those boys had!!:)). Oh, and I am very jealous! Toffee chocolate chip scones!! YUM!! :)
Glad that you all are doing well with the new school things! Hope that they continue to work out!!
Love, Sarah